Welcome to Asky

Asky Logistics is a comprehensive internationalnetwork of independent logistics operators - serving the worldwide tradingmarket under a common image and strategy - who have been working together forover 20 years.

This forwarding network has apresence in major industrial centres the world over:

  • More than 75 countries

  • More than 200 offices

  • The network is constantly expanding

Asky Logistics has an in-depth knowledge of theglobal supply chain in air and sea freight and constantly focuses on meetingchanging customer demands by broadening its global services into a powerful andinteractive network.

The network operates independentlyfrom sea freight and air freight carriers under its own House Bill of Ladingwhich is accepted worldwide. The network structure is built on long-termcommitment and maintains the policy of:

  • Quality

  • Cost-efficiency

  • Reliability

  • Flexibility

Operations are performed under aclose personal relationship with customers who appreciate the dual advantage ofworldwide coverage together with a local market knowledge that each partnerprovides. This makes Asky Logistics the supply chain service provider ofchoice for numerous leading industries across the globe.